American Demagogue

Pegasus Books, November 2019

A story of how the Great Awakening fueled a new kind of religion in America—and a new politics that led to unexpected dissension and violence, and eventually revolution.

If I had to recommend one introductory book on the Great Awakening, this might be it.

Thomas S. Kidd, The Wall Street Journal

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Rising in Flames

Pegasus Books, June 2018

“A page-turning and highly original account, one of the best in the long line of ‘Sherman’s March’ books….No one interested in Sherman’s March should be deprived of his lively narrative. Absolutely spellbinding.”

—Harold Holzer, The Wall Street Journal

Empire of Mud

Lyons Press, September 2014

“[A] bracing and graceful read….if you can stomach how our beautiful, vexed city became a cat toy for national politicians and an ongoing rebuke of democracy, this is as good a place as any to start.”

—Louis Bayard, The Washington Post